Clothes to the Rescued

Obsessed Style - The Give Back Boutique has secured a contract with O.U.R Rescue to donate brand new clothing to children who they have rescued from the sex trade.

How it works:

With every article of clothing you purchase, you help to fund new clothing to a child who has been rescued from the sex trade. Clothing donations are made to O.U.R Rescue which will be provided to the children they have rescued from the sex trade. 

Details of Clothes to the Rescued Project:

  • Obsessed Style will send the articles of clothing to O.U.R Rescue on a monthly bases - based on sales from the prior month.
  • Obsessed Style Boutique donates 10% and no more than $5.00/item you purchase to children who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  Your total purchase price towards the clothing donations to the rescued children and shipping fees associated with sending the clothes. This is done to be able to maintain donations while still being able to provide affordable prices for our customers. 
  • ***Some sale items, giveaway items and clearance clothing MAY not be subject to this project.***
  • Shipping fees and clothing to O.U.R Rescue are 100% provided by Obsessed Style Boutique with the help of your purchase(s).
  • Obsessed Style was accepted and approved for Clothes to the Rescued project with O.U.R Rescue by O.U.R Rescue.
  • Drop ship type of orders and products  - due to the contract type we have with theses vendors - may not be included towards the Clothes to the Rescued project.

Obsessed Style - The Give Back Boutique is proud and honored to be working with O.U.R  Rescue. If you'd like to learn more about O.U.R Rescue and how they have saved over 4,000 children, please see the movie attached and visit their social media pages linked below. #saveOURchildren