Our Story

Hi, and welcome to my boutique, Obsessed Style.

Obsessed Style was founded by myself, Gina Inong.

As a work at home and homeschooling mom, of 2 boys, I have specific wants and needs for my style! FUNCTIONAL but for the love of everything STILL cute! Style that makes me feel amazing, but I can still get up and chase a 2 year old across a room while on a conference call. Style that can serve as functional for running to the local grocery store but on the other hand can be dressed up and serve as a perfect, comfortable, flattering outfit for a night out! And this is how Obsessed Style Boutique was born! What better way to find these types of clothes, then to just open a boutique and do it myself, and help provide it to other similar women who may be in the same boat, look for damn cute, obsession worthy styles with FUNCTIONALITY and COMFORT!

While styles available in the boutique won't be the newest, flashiest runway fashion show TOP TRENDS of the week, month, etc.. I do promise they will be they'll be your favorite go to's in your closet. 

I hope you can feel the care, love and obsession I put into my shop to help provide the best clothes for you! I look forward to getting to know all my customers and their wants and needs. 

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about my boutique. I hope you can join me on social media either on Instagram (@obsessedstyle_boutique) or on the private group on Facebook (Obsessed Style Boutique). Please, PLEASE reach out and say hi if you join as I'd love to get to know my customers who enjoy style like I do.

Thank you again and have an amazing life!